Monday, September 14, 2009

The Racer and the Dancer: New entry

I'm still working on my series about the first auto races at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I discovered that racer Lewis Strang, who won the 100-mile race on August 20, 1909, was married to the dancer Louise Alexander, who electrified New York audiences with her "Vampire Dance:"
The drawing of Stran's victory kiss is by my wife, Kathleen Crews Wylder.


Charles Gramlich said...

Very nice sketch!

Elizabeth said...

Wonderful drawing. I'm always so intrigued by your breadth of knowledge, Steve. I look forward to reading more!

steve on the slow train said...

Charles--Kathleen thanks you.

Elizabeth--Kathleen appreciates it. The late columnist Sydney J. Harris used to have a regular feature in his column called "Things I Learned While Looking Other Things Up," or something to that effect. That's pretty much the way I learned things.

twoblueday said...

I have no thoughts about the content of your post, just wanted you to know I'm still here, reading what you put up for inspection.