Monday, January 14, 2008

Chapter 6 will be in by tomorrow, honest!

I got stuck on Chapter 6--wanted to use the opening of my favorite poem, "Thomas the Rhymer," for the introduction. I had already given Helena the grass-green skirt and the half-Scottish ancestry. But then I decided it was too much--I've got too many references from the New Testament to the medieval Free Spirit movement to the Democratic conventions of 1948 and 1968 (the '48 convention is referenced in Chapter 6.). The Rhymer overlay wasn't necessary, even if there is some parallel between Timothy and Thomas and Helena and the Queen of Fair Elfland.

I've reworked the story without referencing Thomas, but I had to head for work before I could get the post in.

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Lisa said...

I am amazed that you're "pantsing" something that requires so much research and my hat is off to you, sir. Take your time -- but we'll be waiting anxiously.