Sunday, January 21, 2007

A Whisper Returns

My Spanish dictionary defines "susurro" as a whisper, murmur, or rustle, and susurrar as its verb form. So "susurra de luz" literally means "She whispers of (or about) light." I use the feminine, because sururradeluz is the blog name for Susan of "a line cast, a hope followed."

In the spring of 2005, when I had just started this blog, Susan put me on her blogroll and encouraged me to keep posting. Virtually all those who have found this blog have done so, directly or indirectly, because Susan was gracious enough to list me on her blogroll.

She describes herself as " a 46 year old female residing in Portland Oregon
Single mother of two kids, 3 cats, Joey the hyperactive border collie, 2 anoles, and Thistle the pygmy hedgehog
I love to travel, in person, through others' stories, in my imagination
Sometimes poet and oftentimes bird watcher
I put chiles in everything and vote strictly liberal
Collector of used Sting tshirts and trashy religious art."

When I began reading her blog, she was in the aftermath of a messy divorce. She gave us a "warts and all" picture of herself and her family. And we regular readers loved her for it.

Last year her posts became fewer. The sad news was that her beloved father died. Profound grief and the business of having to deal with the estate made blogging virtually impossible. The happy news was that she finally found a man who would give her the love and support she deserves.

Just recently, Susan has started blogging again. She and her boyfriend have bought a property near Portland, and are in the process of tearing down the old ramshackle house there and building a new one. There are some bizarre twists to the move, which make for a very intersting story. Check her blog out, if you haven't already. It's on my blogroll.


Stacey said...

Hey, thanks for adding me to your blogroll. I'll add yours to mine

Those who take cheap shots at Schori are only making fools out of themselves.

Too bad you're not at St. Luke's NOW. I think you'd really like the Rector we have now. He's really on the left! He writes columns and he's let Bush and Company have it many times! Check it out!

gerry rosser said...

Hey, thanks for the tip, I added her as a bookmark, and may soon put her on my links.
Thanks for adding me to your list, that's really nice.

Peter said...

Steve, thanks for reintroducing me to Susan's blog. I particularly enjoyed her Thanksgiving letter to her father.

Kind of you to reciprocate her earlier kindness.

Alexandra S said...

I'll head over there now. Thanks for the tip, and we live near each other so it will be nice to know of another local blogger! Hope you are enjoying your weekend!